Multimodal Containers

What are Tank Containers?

Tank containers are multimodal containers for the transportation of bulk liquids, powders and gases. They are designed and built to international regulations for the transportation of various classes of hazardous and non hazardous cargoes.


The vast majority of tank containers are designed as ISO units with the pressure vessel manufactured from stainless steel (with the same dimensions, lifting points as standard ISO Containers).

Tank container pressure vessels may also be constructed from other materials where necessary.

Swap body tank containers are built with non ISO dimensions and tend to be larger in cubic capacity which in some instances with very light cargoes can be a cost effective method of transporting cargo.

ISO tank containers range in cubic capacity from 10,000 Litres up to 26000 Litres. This large range allows a tank container to be constructed to maximise the volume of cargo that can be moved taking in to account all load restrictions during transit and the regulations

Tank containers are built to conform to various International Regulations. Depending on the nature of the hazardous cargo the design parameters are changed.

Each hazardous chemical is assigned a UN Number.  Every hazardous chemical that is suitable for transportation in a tank container has a designated T code within the table, which indicates the tank type to be used for transporting the chemical.

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