President of ITCO re-election

Dear Members,

At the @tco Asia Board meeting held in Shanghai 16th November 2016 it was agreed that I should put my name forward for the position of President of ITCO, at the election to be held in Dubai on the 30th November 2016, whilst still retaining the position of @tco Asia President.

The rational is that over the next two years of the Presidency I would bring the two organizations together into one truly worldwide organization, as it should have been from the start.

When it comes to Government law makers, Container shipping lines, IMO and other regulatory bodies the tank container industry is too small to be taken seriously by the power that be, if we remain split.

They want to deal at the highest level with just one organization speaking with one voice for the whole industry. At the last @tco Asia General Meeting in Shanghai the AICM spokesman Mr. Yi Yang from Dow Chemicals stated:

“ISO tank is one of the safest means of transport for chemicals as long as related regulations and guidelines have been strictly followed”

I am convinced that @tco Asia and ITCO will be a much stronger organization when we join together under one President with all our energy focused on promoting the tank container as the safest and most cost effective method of transporting chemicals for the benefit of all involved in the worldwide liquid supply chain.

I am very pleased to confirm the ITCO Board voted me to be their new President commencing from 1st January 2017.

I now look forward to the challenge of the next two years working to help promote and expand the safe use of tank containers worldwide.

Best Regards


President, @tco Asia

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