Anti-trust statement

Do’s and Dont’s for @tco Asia

Please ensure you read and understand @tco’s anti trust policy which will be fully endorsed at each and every meeting where @tco is represented.

Checklist for Meetings

Operation within National and International Competition Law.


Do not discuss the competitors or exchange information not in conformity with competition law, this includes:


  • Individual company/industry prices, price changes, price differentials, discounts, allowances and credit terms.
  • Individual company data on costs, production, capacity (other than nameplate capacities) inventories and sales.


  • Plans of individual companies concerning the design, production, distribution or marketing of particular products, including proposed territories of customers.
  • Changes in production capacities (other than nameplate capacities) or inventories.

Transportation Rates

  • Rates or rate policies for individual shipments, including basing point systems, zone prices and freight.

Market Procedures

  • Company bids on contracts for particular products; company procedures for responding to bid invitations.
  • Matters relating to actual or potential individual suppliers or customers.
  • Blacklist or boycott customers or supplies.

Prohibited discussions apply equally to social gatherings, incidental to @tco meetings.


Ensure strict performance in the areas of:


  • Have a nominated secretary at each @tco organised meeting.
  • Have an agenda and minutes that accurately reflect what is discussed, as well as an attendance list, ensuring that these documents are preserved.
  • Consult with the @tco appointed specialised counsel on all questions related to competition law.
  • Limit meeting discussions to the agenda topics.
  • Provide each attendee with a copy of this check list and have a copy available at all meetings.

Record Keeping

  • Ensure the review of agendas, minutes and other important documents by appropriate staff or appointed @tco counsel, in advance of distribution.
  • Fully describe the purposes, structure and authorities of the groups.


  • Protest against any discussion or meeting activities which appear to violate this check list.
  • Ask for those activities to be stopped so that appropriate legal checks can be made by the appointed @tco counsel.
  • Dissociate yourself from any such discussion or activities.
  • This check list is intended for the good conduct of @tco sponsored meetings.

The checklist is not exhaustive. Should you have specific questions, contact a specialised lawyer. If needed, @tco can advise its appointed counsel upon request.

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