About @tco Asia

Refining standards for the Asian tank container activities

@tco asia has been established as a non-profit organization to help foster and develop the use of tank containers in the Asia Pacific region. Our focus will be on both domestic and international transportation throughout this rapidly developing market.

@tco is represented at board level by key organizations involved in the tank container business and as a result brings with it a wealth of knowhow and experience covering all facets of the industry. The board will focus on the challenges and develop opportunities that the Asian market presents. The key objective being to promote the  tank container while highlighting the advantages over other modes of liquid distribution particularly its safety and environmentally responsible record.

@tco’s aim is also to raise regional awareness and assist Government agencies, regulatory bodies, trade organizations, Shipping and transportation companies, distribution infrastructure organizations as well as manufacturers, depots and trucking companies involved the in use and or handling of tanks within the region, to understand and appreciate the opportunities tank containers offer and the significant benefits that can be achieved by all stakeholders.

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